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Elena Telnova: Stable pharmaceuticals provision today Отправить на e-mail

(FEDERAL NEWS) Chaired by Minister of Health and Social Development of Russia Tatiana Golikova, a telephone conference with the heads of executive authorities and territorial foundations for compulsory medical insurance of subjects of the Russian Federation was held on 7 December.

When opening the session, Tatiana Golikova emphasized that on the whole, at the federal and regional levels, a significant planned and organizational work had been undertaken with regard to purchasing pharmaceuticals and providing beneficial groups of people with them in 2008 including people suffering from severe diseases. In December 2007, all regions will receive a total of 990 million rubles (€27.8 million) to finance deliveries of pharmaceuticals to drug-stores and patients to treat hemophilia, mucoviscidosis, pituitary nanism, Gaucher's disease, myeloleukemia, multiple sclerosis, as well as conditions after organ/tissue transplantations.

The managerial staff and experts of the ministry continue to monitor daily the provision of pharmaceuticals and are making every effort to ensure regular providing people [with pharmaceuticals] in 2008.

(for full version, go to http://mzsrrf.ru/news)
NEW YEAR FANCY-DRESS BALL Отправить на e-mail

(REGIONAL NEWS) On 20 December 2007, close to the New Year, a fancy-dress ball was held in the Palace of Veterans, which had been organized by the Samara Multiple Sclerosis Society (SMSS). 

The managerial staff of the institution supported the event with accommodation and dressing the tables. The participants of the event enjoyed a performing arts presentation, and the Organization members were awarded gifts as a token for their active and life-loving attitude.

The event attendees received congratulations by Organization Board Chairman Jan Vlasov, Executive Director Svetlana Goronkova and Head of the social group Natalia  Kuznetsova.

Within the frames of the event, the attendees were able to familiarize themselves with the current situation on topical issues of today, as well as the main trends of the Organization activities.

The event participants enjoyed the usual friendly atmosphere.
Minister Promises to Do President’s Task Regarding the Disabled in January Отправить на e-mail

(FEDERAL NEWS) Following the Direct Line with Russian citizens, the Russian President commissioned it to Head of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Tatiana Golikova to ease the procedure of re-examining disabled people for their status. To learn firsthand what it means to disabled people, “the first session of the Public Council was held on 18 December, and it tackled the issues of developing the social support, rehabilitation for the disabled and their integration in society”. Lawmakers, experts, journalists and representatives of disabled people’s organizations worked together at the session.

Along with the other issues on the agenda list, the one of re-examination for disability status proved topical and was considered most critically (Note: In the Russian Federation, the Medical and Social Disability Commission is a plenipotentiary state structure, which determines the degree of disablement of a person and accordingly sets due social benefits and payments). The opinions of participants of the session would often differ. This vital procedure, which is to ensure the normal quality of life of disabled people, remains a moral and physical ordeal; incidentally, it is oftentimes formal. The rehabilitation program of a disabled person does not take into account opportunities as they are, and what the person per se thinks is the best for him.

Minister Tatiana Golikova pledged to thoroughly consider the proposals of the voluntary organizations and ordered the working group to put forward initiatives by 15 January 2008 on easing the procedure of disability re-examination. (for more information, go to http://www.rg.ru/gazeta/rg)

According to the National Programme ‘Health’, Tatarstan Received Pharmaceuticals Amounting to over 5 Отправить на e-mail

(REGIONAL NEWS) According to the National Programme ‘Health’, Tatarstan Received Pharmaceuticals Amounting to over 583 Million Rubles (€16.2 million).

11:16 25.12.2007Within the frames of the priority national project ‘Health’, the combined delivery of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic facilities to the Republic of Tatarstan had amounted to 583,186,108.98 rubles (€16.2 million), as of 19 December, in accordance with the distribution plan of the Federal Agency for Health and Social Development in Russia (Roszdrav).

This figure includes (i) diagnostic facilities to the amount of 67,966,756.11 rubles (€1.88 million), (ii) antiretroviral drugs amounting to 88,322,873.67 rubles (€2.45 million), (iii) medicines to treat viral hepatitis B and C to the amount of 426,896,479.2 rubles (€11.9 million).Within the frames of implementation of the priority national project ‘Health’, as of 19 December, health institutions of the Republic had received the deliveries of the diagnostic equipment of 169 items amounting to 220,441,966.53 rubles (€6.12 million).

(for full version go to: http://www.tatar-inform.ru/news/health)

Moscow Region Resumes Implementing the Additional Pharmacological Support Programme in 2007 Отправить на e-mail

16:40 25.12.2007

(REGIONAL NEWS) The M.Vladimirski Moscow Region Clinical Institute for Research Studies held a collegium of the Moscow region Health Ministry, where the chairmen of the Coordinating Councils in medical districts and the heads of governmental health institutions in the Moscow region considered the issue ‘About pharmacological support for particular groups of people living in the Moscow region, who are entitled to receive the state social assistance in the form of social services, and about maintenance tasks for 2008’.

At present, in the region there are 379 therapeutic establishments, over 11,000 doctors and doctors’ assistants, 642 pharmaceutical institutions to implement the Additional Pharmacological Support (APS) programme. The Federal Foundation for Compulsory Medical Insurance has set the standard of expenditures on a person, who receives the state social assistance in the form of social services at the rate of 378.75 rubles (€10.5) per month. After this sum had been multiplied by the number of persons qualifying for entitlements on the federal list (372,141), 1.69 billion rubles (€47 million) was appropriated for financing the programme. This money turned out insufficient.

As Galina Shishkareva, Deputy Health Minister of the Region Government, reported, ‘The beginning of the year was marked by a rapid increase in social tension. For that matter, Moscow region Governor Boris Gromov decided to allocate 270 million rubles (€7.5 million) of the region budget to provide people qualifying for entitlements including oncologic patients’.

The regional Health Ministry issued an instruction, which authorized pharmaceutical institutions over February-May 2007 to release the pharmaceuticals that had been centrally purchased during previous time periods at the expense of the region budget, to persons qualifying for entitlements on the federal list, who suffer from socially significant diseases. As the result, they were given an assistance amounting to 22.6 million rubles (€627,000).

In the second half year, the federal authorities decided to increase the financing for the APS programme up to 2.7 billion rubles (€75 million). To make payments to the Moscow Region Foundation for Compulsory Medical Insurance (MOFOMS), the plenipotentiary pharmacological organizations made out invoices amounting to 2.2 billion rubles (€61 million). MOFOMS transferred 1.66 billion rubles (€46 million) to the accounts of the pharmacological organizations. The delivery of pharmaceuticals to regional pharmaceutical institutions to provide persons qualifying for entitlements on the federal list came up to 2.5 billion rubles (€70 million).

In accordance with Boris Gromov’s decision, there were 10 million rubles (€280,000) appropriated to purchase pharmaceuticals to provide for the prescriptions mentioned. So far, the Health Ministry and the Moscow region Governmental Unitarian Enterprise ‘Mosoblfarmatsia’ have purchased pharmaceuticals to the amount of 5.6 million rubles (€156,000).

In 2007, over 5 thousand complaints were submitted to the Health Ministry regarding provision of pharmaceuticals.

To implement the regional APS programme, the expenditures of 2.19 billion rubles (€61 million) have been provided in the region’s treasury in 2007. Out of this money, 1.02 billion rubles (€29 million) was appropriated for the regional APS programme. The pharmaceutical institutions received deliveries of pharmaceuticals and medical items amounting to 974.7 million rubles (€27 million).

Elena  Dementieva 

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